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Product Overview

StrikeForce Walloper

One Handy tool that does it all! For simple tasks, Strike it Fast! The StrikeFoce Walloper is an extremely useful manually operated compacting tool for breaking up concrete, lifting tiles, repairing asphalt and demolition. Whether you’re digging, cutting, driving, chipping or working on roads, installing signage or just need to use a crow bar or jackhammer, the StrikeForce Walloper gets the job done!

Less work – more productivity
The ergonomically shaped handle that fits snugly inside the hand, has a stroke of 620mm (24″), producing a smooth motion of the walloper that delivers up to ten times the impact much more efficient than a crow bar. Upon impact, the tool tends not to bounce back and maintains a constant point of contact with the object being struck, ensuring the force is applied more accurately and effectively.

Safe and Flexible!
The StrikeForce Walloper has a selection of interchangeable ends for every job. The attachments are made of high-grade steel that are hardened to resist chipping. The walloper minimizes the vibration that could lead to wrist and hand injury when compared to using a standard jackhammer. All shafts are forged and hardened. StrikeForce Walloper ends have a design feature that assists the operator in maintaining the position of the tool, for delivering pinpoint strike accuracy.

No electricity – No worries!
The StrikeForce Walloper does not need any power of batteries. The idea is to use the sliding action to gain additional striking capability. And because it’s lightweight, can be more easily controlled when precision work is required. The tool is portable and versatile, making it an ideal tool for contractors, fence builders, farmers, landscapers, road repair crews, sign post installers, plumbers and drainers.

How It Works

Six (6) Interchangeable Ends Available

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