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Product Overview

Crete-wash is a unique and safe formulation designed to remove dry set concrete without damaging the surface underneath.

Crete-wash is perfect to use in the removal of accidental splashes of concrete on painted surfaces, aluminum window frames, vehicles or tools with rubber and other sensitive parts that other harsh acid systems would attack, stain and damage. it will not acid etch or stain.

For around the house, Crete-wash is a fantastic concrete path/driveway cleaner. It can be diluted with water and used on wetted concrete to clean in-ground dirt, tyre marks and browning of concrete to bring it back to newly laid concrete colour without harsh stripping of the surface. This is a biodegradable and safe product to use without gloves.


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How to Use

step-1Spray Crete-wash onto dry set of concrete, allow it to soak in and then re apply to keep concrete moist.

step-2As Crete-wash is soaked in by the concrete, it will start reversing the concrete forming a mud like consistency. For thicker build ups, allow time for Crete-wash to soak in.

step-3Wash it and brush if there are some small bits of concrete. Then, dry it and there it is, good as new!

Available Sizes

750ML 5L 20L


  We also sell Crete-Wash in: 200L & 1000L!


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