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Product Overview

For over 10 years, Con-Form has been leading the way in concrete boxing, taking the place of heavy timber formwork such as LVL. The lightweight flexible boxing is designed to suit man applications.

Joiners give an almost seamless finish and the Camlocks make seting out and adjusting as simple as turn and twist.

Think of how much timber you would buy in 7 years, add the extra set up and stripping time, and se why Con-Form is not only going to eliminate splinters in your hands but also drainng of your wallet.


Timber vs Con-form


Time Consuming

Requires power to cut angles and corners

Weather affected

Requires timber pegs to nail to


No more nailing-de nailing

No power required

No more twist and warp

Steel pegs last longer

A true Time & Money saver

Save time and money with Con-Form

Long Lasting
Fast Set Up & Strip Down
Light weight
Easy clean up
Beats Timber Hands Down!

Boards slip together giving an almost seamless finish. Camlocks simply Twist & Lock, no nails or screws required. Easy height adjustment, just lift and clamp.

Product Information

PF754.8             75mm White 4.8m Lengths
PF1004.8           90mm White 4.8m Lengths
PF1504.8           150mm White 4.8m Lengths
PF75LEC           Long End Connector 75mm
PF100LEC         Long End Connector 90mm
PFCAM              Camlock To Suit
PF150LEC         Long End Connector 150mm
SCF1004.8         Rigid Board 90mm x 4.8m Lengths

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