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Product Overview

The Adjustable Kicker comes in three sizes 200mm, 300mm and 400mm and will brace forms up to 00mm high. They can be used on bare earth, uneven ground, concrete or suspended floors.

The Adjustable Kicker is used in the construction of tilt slabs, raft slabs, waffle pods, stepped rebates and bridge decks.LVC’s C-Purlins and Shutters can be used with the Adjustable Kicker

No threads to block with concrete
Multiple anchor points
Quick, Easy adjustments
Robust construction
Come with 2 Steel locating pins

– Weight up to 20kg
– Height up to 800mm
– Base of plate up to 1250mm
– Overall length up to 1350mm
– Material: Steel
– Finish: Painted

These steel braces are suitable for use when forming slabs on grade, bridges, decks and slabs on ground such as wash down bays.

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Rick Castle, a Queensland based concreting and formwork contractor has described the Adjustable Kicker as being

So versatile that anyone can use them. They save subtantial amounts of labour every time we set up and strip a job. The saving in timber wastage alone easily out-weighs the cost of the initial purchase. I recommend Adjustable Kickers to anyone who sets concrete forms

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