How to

Pre-assemble the male and female parts of RivePipe during the instalation of the formwork system for concrete walls.

Place the RivePipe between the formwork panels to protect the tie rods.

RivePipe is selected and placed according to the desired wall’s thickness.

Once the wall has been formed, Insert the RiveOut into RivePipe and screw the RiveOut head clockwise into the RivePipe

Perform a counterweight action with a linear displacement, in the direction from the all towards the operator. Extract both female and male RivePipe.

Once RivePipe is out, perform a counterweight action again, but in the opposite direction to the extraction. The RivePipes are ready for your next reuse.



Easy to remove from walls

Easy to Use

Placing and removing it


To all different wall thickness


Environmentally friendly

Quick Extraction

Few seconds with RiveOut on each side of the wall - Save's Time!


Save in Production

Reliable and Safe

Avoid risks of PVC tubes remaining within the concrete structure.

Simple and Clean

Holes remain uniform, empty, smooth and clean. Does not damage the wall


The result is a clean hole perfectly prepared for a hermetic seal with RiveStop ( also a product manufactured by JABE ), and a more sustainable project committed to environmentally friendly construction